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President of the Divided States of America October 11, 2009

Filed under: Politics — Zain @ 11:59 pm

AP Obama 2008lets just imagine for a second that real life is like T.V.

In the sense that when hilarity ensuing misunderstandings occur, a laugh track plays, when you are tackling a puzzling question, the jeopardy music plays. And everytime some one says “the President should be a uniter and not a divider” that incorrect buzzer from wheel of fortune blares, followed by being slimed nickolodeon style by green, gunk dropping from the ceiling.

The President’s job is not to unite in order to lead, his job is to lead, our job in to unite. But is he the president of Ivy league elites who sit around enjoying arugula and bashing everything American? well, I went to a state college and arugula is pretty tasty, I voted for the President, so did nearly 70 million other people very few of them with Ivy league creds and an appetite for fancy looking lettuce. For those who voted for Mccain, and cannot stand the Idea of an Obama presidency please wait until the next election to voice your concern for the democracy that’s if negativity doesnt eat away at your soul before than.

President Obama is the President of the people who enjoy Free speech, the environment, love, equality and pride.

I have been witness to some very nasty conversations lately, about race, health care, the economy, and even the olympics. Most of these discussions were very loose with facts and logical thinking. And i have some advice for Americans who support the president. Ignore these People. Don’t laugh, don’t argue, don’t get mad, just act as if they are heatedly discussing Susan Boyles bid to win “Britain’s Got Talent”.

Now don’t get me wrong, we still need to have discussion and debate with those we disagree with. Lets talk about pro-choice or no-choice, Lets take about whether Affirmative action still works. But lets do it right, no name calling and definately no leing.

The people who want to mislead or be mislead are free to do so but at a price, that being the ones who do not wish to mislead or be mislead will completely ignore you, including the President.

The President of the United States is chosen by the electoral college to lead, and it is his duty to do so. There is no doubt compromises can be reached, but sacrificing principles is appeasement. If Lincoln had listened to pro-slavery advocates, where would we be. If FDR listened to the Republicans on social security, would we have the most successful middle class in world history. If LBJ listened to his friends from the south what would American look like today.So, in order for any goal to be achieved, its proponents need to outshine its opponents. And as long as we let crazy people lie and mislead, make us want to do shots of Pepto-Bismol, we are letting them win. For whatever reason, the people of the United States of America are not united in their support for peace, equal Rights, and fairness. And we wont be until the President who we elected speaks for us and sticks his neck out for the values he believes in. We need him to rise above the noise, and the craziness and lead. We will surely follow.

-Danish STW…blog


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