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Darfur: Where America SHOULD be fighting. October 13, 2009

Filed under: Philanthropy — Zain @ 9:28 pm

Darfur shirtMurder, rape, abduction and displacement: just a few of the widespread catastrophies occuring in Sudan.

When such severe crimes on humanity seem so blatanly evident where are the troops? Yeah, sure, we send aid and much help but we cannot treat crimes on humanity like natural disasters sending aid in doctors nurses, food, and money but no significant amount of auxiliary.

Any sort of resemblance to the holocaust should probably turn some light bulb on in the heads of the ones in charge. Darfur is real, very real, hundreds of thousands of people have already died. According to the last time this many people died in one place…Rawanda in 1994(800,000 deaths).

Recently the President sent 13,000 more troops into Afghanistan. In April of 2007 Joseph Biden said that Less than half that amount can change the situation radically on the ground in Darfur. Than Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Biden said “Lets stop the bleeding now, it is a moral imperitive.” More than two years later, the troop count has not changed. .2 percent of the total American troops are in sub-saharan Africa…point two.

We are in Iraq because of imaginary weapons and the war in Afghanistan is becoming a drawn out failure that is beginning to resemble Vietnam more and more everyday. The people of Africa are defenseless and getting sicker. Stop the Rape, Stop the Murder, Stop the abduction. Read more at

-Zain STW..BLog


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