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Being Green Aint That Hard October 15, 2009

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Globally-Green-AttitudesThe world is heating up. And I’m not even taking into account the hot air from Barack Obama’s head after he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

I’m being extremely literal; icebergs are melting, floods are becoming more popular, and droughts are too. The world’s climate as we know it is changing. Back in the Bush era it was almost “radical” to say that humans were the cause of global climate change, but now that debate doesn’t matter any longer. Whether or not humans are solely to blame for global warming is completely irrelevant. The world is in a heating cycle and we’re not doing anything to help it. The CO2 emissions from our coal plants, factories and cars have been shown to have a dramatically negative effect on the ecosystems of the world, not to mention, as they take over more and more of our atmosphere the global temperature rises.  You think our problem stops there? No way.  Overfishing,  ozone depletion, water pollution,  soil erosion, excess human waste, excess electronic waste, chemical over-saturation in nature, deforestation, and oil-exploitation are all human activated problems that are taking over our planet. So what can you possibly do to help solve any of this? The “environment” is too big, and you’re too small.

And then one simple little question gets thrown at you – Did you know that most produce sold in the U.S. travels 1,500 miles before reaching your table? – and all of a sudden it becomes clear. YOU don’t have to solve global climate change. But if you do your part, WE can help stop it. 1,500 miles? That’s outrageous, not to mention that’s a lot of truck pollution. Simply eat local and trim off your food’s mileage to cut down on transportation dependency.

It’s too easy to be intimidated by the bigger picture. Being an environmentalist is about being an individual who makes the best, eco-friendly decisions you can make. Recycle, walk as much as you can, turn off the lights when you don’t need to use them, and buy from your local farmer’s market. It’s that easy.

Green World. Green Blog.

-Cameron Bard STW…blog


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