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Using Youtube with a purpose: Helping Kids October 15, 2009

Filed under: Philanthropy — Zain @ 11:44 am

Okay so I am mid midterms – what does that mean you ask? well i just had a midterm in my bible class and i have another one at 2:45.

But this video- Awesome. Special Thanks to all the people in this video and that donated. Also to I don’t know what my thanks means but they have it.  Let me just say one thing, I don’t study much but if i did i would stop for 5 minutes and 53 seconds to watch this video. Its inspirational, humbling and down right awesome…awesome world, awesome blog.

I love the way the video connects the people in the states with the people they are helping. When you can track your money and see exactly what the hell it’s doing… that’s great, that really encourages people to keep giving. Any way back to fake studying… watch the video.

-Zain STW…Blog


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