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Today is October 16th… World Food Day, So eat, eat healthy and eat a lot. Eat vegetables from your local farmers market. Eat fruits grown by yourself or a friend. Just eat… it’s world Food Day.

Take a moment to remember the 1 billion people who are going hungry at this very moment. Every 60 seconds 10 kids die from hunger. That’s… not even cool. $1 can feed four of them. Imagine, for a second, if every time you sent a tweet, had an I M coversation, sent an email, watched a youtube video or recored one of those awkward videos on someone else’s facebook wall, that you donated a dollar. That would be around a bajillion dollars donated. Anyway what im saying is there’s really no reason for 10 kids to die every minute is there. I have plenty of extra dollars that i was saving up for a super cool apple wireless keyboard but i think ill donate it. 30 bucks… thats 120 kids fed.

My purpose with these figures is not to guilt trip you. Its to inform you. Again, this isn’t a “them” problem.  We are all one people and when they suffer, we suffer. So lets just give a buck.

So if you want to give a buck… Click the on the buck and use your credit card. I’ll take all the money donated at the end of the day, Double it… Then give it to unicef.

If you don’t trust me and you think Im going to run away with it. You can just hook Unicef up with it by clicking on the picture of the women from Rawanda above.

Happy Food Day Everybody

-Zain STW…Blog


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