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Bloody Waters: Why Hayden Panettiere was crying… October 19, 2009

Filed under: Philanthropy — Zain @ 12:01 am

haydenWe’ve all seen the video of Hayden Panettiere on her knees crying after her Dolphin protest. But why exactly was the Heroes Star shedding tears?

Well, its the fact that after she left the water, hundreds of dolphins were slaughtered after being led into a cove and stabbed till the surrounding waters were red with blood. Now I don’t endorse the killing of any animals but the innocence and playful nature of dolphins makes this a specially horrific crime. There have been countless accounts of dolphins rescuing and saving humans from encounters with sharks. Google it. In one of the articles I read, dolphins circled human beings not allowing them to swim further into the ocean as there were predator sharks waiting for their next meal. I really just don’t understand how you can literally cut the throat of a living breathing dolphin and allow it to suffocate and die before your eyes. Who are these people… how do they sleep at night? 23,000 dolphins are killed each year in Japan and though the killings have been continuously protested there seems no end in site. This video hit me kind of hard, it really got me thinking about all the harmful things humans do to the creatures of this earth…

To read more about the fight to save the dolphins go to


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