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IN and OUT of African Conflict Zones October 20, 2009

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“Success in not common, but is possible.  Failure is likely, but not in the mind of most refugees.”
-Fidel Nshombo

Thursday night I saw Dr. Ashis Brahma and Fidel Nshombo speak about their experiences in different African conflict zones.  Check out their inspiration!


Fidel Nshombo is a poet, and a survivor of the genocide in Rwanda.  After the conflict he spent a decade on the run in Africa, and finally found himself living in my hometown of Boise, Idaho.  Here he spreads awareness of the continued plight of those in Rwanda and elsewhere.  He reads his poetry at events and uses his writing as a “path toward healing.”  Check out his poetry!

ashisDr. Ashis Brahma is a humanitarian and a personal friend.  His life has led him to work in many refugee and IDP camps, including one in Chad, just across the border from the Darfur region of Sudan.  He is an astoundingly positive guy, interesting, and inspirational to boot.  Check out his blog!  Ashis divides his time between traveling to educate others on the Darfur conflict, and his home in Uganda.


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