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Degrading Our Sanity (It’s Good Money) October 21, 2009

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I love that this blog is a forum for all things positive.  It is widely recognized that a HUGE PROBLEM with our media is the negativity as well as the disproportional focus on trivial scandals.  So I apologize in advance for this post. It’s just – I find it important.

“Rodeo Clown” (his words) Glenn Beck is well known for acting like a journalist, even though he admits he is NOT one (he has spent most of his career as a radio Top 40 DJ).  But now he is earning $23 million a year producing stuff like this:

Huh? What just happened? Beck mocks volunteerism, the media, Hollywood, the Obamas, and (unintentionally) sanity itself in his 6 minute rant.

After saying he has “one pesky question,” Beck launches into a series of nonsensical questions phrased to sound insightful:

“Are we running out of volunteers in this country?… Are we trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist?  Are we creating a problem that doesn’t exist to have an emergency that doesn’t yet exist?”

What does that even mean? The baffling tirade accuses Obama and the Entertainment Industry Foundation of a conspiracy to get people to serve their community (because that’s a bad thing), and the above quote he suggests that Obama will create some sort of emergency to control the citizenry. And to cap it off, his signature stunt for the show is bringing a guy dressed as Chairman Mao into the studio, because apparently giving your time to help others is a slippery slope toward Totalitarian Communism.  REALLY?  I mean, Bush created an award for those who volunteer.  And remember how volunteer organizations were overflowing with help after 9/11?  Did that slide us more toward Communism?  I see no evidence that the President encouraging responsible citizenship is inappropriate.  Remember what Kennedy said?  This country has a strong tradition of responsible citizenship through service.  What the hell is Beck talking about?

What’s really going on? I am left with only the money trail to follow: Forbes estimated Beck earned $23 million last year alone, and stands to make more this year because of his TV show, book sales, website traffic, and touring.  His job as a political entertainer is ABSURDLY profitable.  Now, I DON’T CARE what some guy wants to rant about.  I also DON’T CARE how much money he makes.  But this money tells me that people pay attention to him.  Millions buy his books and watch his TV show.  I don’t like the idea that the future of our country will be influenced by this babble.

But let’s be fair. Beck probably makes good points from time to time, as anyone with a TV show does.  And while I don’t watch his show regularly, I assume not all of it is as incoherent as this clip.  But, like many liberal and conservative commentators alike, Beck sells outrage.  And even when there is nothing to be outraged at, he makes something up.  A la, this clip!

Glenn Beck, your irresponsible show is hurting America.  Please change.

Ok, I got that out of my system.  I promise I won’t waste your time with more negative stuff for a while.  In fact, I vow not to waste any more of my time yelling at Glenn Beck clips.  It’s counterproductive and degrading to my sanity.  I encourage you to do the same.


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