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Why we can’t let 97 year old homeless women live in their cars October 21, 2009

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s-BESSIE-MAE-HOMELESS-largeBessie Mae Berger Is a 97 year old women, living in her car in California.

She was apparently given section 8 housing but when she got ill and had to stay in the hospital for 3 months, her spot was given away to house someone else. She receives 375 dollars a month in social security which is not nearly enough to pay rent anywhere.

Nobody likes to think about how their life is going to be when they grow older. This is someone’s mother, someone’s aunt, someone’s grandma and she’s sleeping in her car for the last years of her life. Growing older presents so many complications, you really don’t need the “where am i going to sleep?” problem added on. We’ve all seen the people on the street and subway begging for change or sleeping on cardboard. Part of you wants to help, another part wants to yell at them and tell them to get a job like everyone else. Truth is, we don’t know the circumstances that have led to their homelessness but by the time that thought enters our head we’ve already passed through the subway turnstile, it doesn’t make sense to go back now. In this rare case however, there is not much work this women can do at the age of 97. There has to be more vouchers and more housing because not everyone can just go out and get a job. I see homeless people everyday and I don’t always give them money but when I have a little extra that I was probably going to use on an unhealthy candy bar anyway… I’ll give it away and I know that all kinds of people give all the time. The best way to end homelessness however, is to advocate for it and help organized programs that focus specifically on helping this cause.

Read more about how to advocate for the homeless.

Read the full story about Bessie Mae Berger.


One Response to “Why we can’t let 97 year old homeless women live in their cars”

  1. Lauren--NY Says:

    Tweeted and bookmarked the Huffington Post write-up on Delicious. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

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