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Comedian Glen Beck: Why we all should be watching October 23, 2009

Filed under: Climate Change,Politics — Zain @ 12:26 am

s-GLENN-BECK-largeFellow Save the world blogger Conor Mcgee might never post another Glenn Beck article but in this post I’m going to publicly ask him to reconsider. Listen, Conor and all STW blog readers and bloggers, humans need humor in their lives. Glenn Beck offers the world great comedy. If you need to be cheered up say… you just failed a midterm, had a fight with a friend or just got a facebook friend request from your mom, TURN ON BECK. His nonsensical rants and lack of real factual information make for great comedic television.

Now as Conor brought up, the scary thing is people take him seriously and get most of their news from Beck and Hannity. But who are these people, how can they watch the segments like the one shown in the link below and say “You know what, Beck makes some good points”. These viewer have obviously made a conscious effort to ignore all logic, rationality and factual evidence. Hate has filled their hearts, whether it be hate for the administration, for gays, for rape victims, or for Volunteers. It takes a certain type of person to watch Beck and only Beck and though it is scary for the rest of America, I am not sure if we can really do something about it.

Sure we can ignore them, claiming our time is to0 valuable and engaging in any sort of debate with Beck or his followers would be worthless but your not going to stop the Beck machine. He gets ratings and as long as this administration is in office his rants will continue. So laugh, enjoy, sit down with some popcorn, and take a trip away from reality and enter the imaginary world of Glenn Beck and Fox news.

We’re in the business of saving the world and laughter is the best medicine. so please… watch Glenn Beck.

Read Conor’s article HERE

Watch Glenn Beck’s stand up on global warming HERE


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