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Legalization October 23, 2009

Filed under: Life,Politics — nwfarmer @ 3:00 am

Save the world Blogger Nicholas Farmer weighs in on the issue of Marijuana legalization

It is time for America to end one of the most unjust practices of our society: the criminal prohibition of marijuana. I am someone who has never used any currently illegal substances, nor plans to do so, but I am committed to fighting for the rights of others. As Americans, we have the right to liberty, that is, to act as we wish, so long as we do not harm anyone else, or cause unreasonable risk of harm. Given that incarceration is the most powerful punishment that a free society can inflict on its citizens, it should only be used for the most serious of offenses. Marijuana use, even production and distribution, does not cause harm to others; all the arguments claiming otherwise have been debunked by serious study. Alcohol, which is legal, can be a dangerous drug that causes harm to others. This example demonstrates how senseless the hypocrisy is which has ruined the lives of far too many innocent people. Whether or not we as a society approve of marijuana is inconsequential; what matters is liberty, and justice.



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