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And Say You want to Save The World, well There’s an App for that October 26, 2009

Filed under: Philanthropy — Zain @ 12:35 pm

landing-pageSo I just learned about this awesome new iphone app that allows you to positively effect the lives of women, youth and refugees in Kenya. Crowdflower is a company that pays pools of workers to do tasks that a computer can’t. Tasks such as removing spam from a company blog. These workers are located in Kenya and for them to get paid for their work, Crowdflower requires a third-party to validate the tasks of these workers. This is where iphone users come in. Give work app users can quickly verify that the task the worker has done is correct. The app asks you questions like “compare two shopping results and determine which is best.” You would then see which result is best and submit. Every time you validate the task of the worker from Kenya he or she gets paid. 1 validation = 1 point and 1 point can buy the worker vegetables. 500 points can by them a cell phone data plan. So if you have an iphone, get the give work app. Its a simple and awesome way to help out and save the world.

Read the full article Here

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