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Saddle up to Abuse October 26, 2009

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dragged Horse Racing —

Wealthy men buy horses to race so that thousands can bet on who has the fastest horse. Horses forced to run as fast as they can by a jockey lashing its behind till the horse has reached its maximum speed. A dangerous speed in which the horse can lose control of its body, fall and ultimately break its leg. But a horse with a broken leg is no good. So it’s only proper that we shoot the horse in the head and buy another horse, a stronger horse with stronger legs.

But it’s their destiny, horses enjoy winning races and being on top. Really? is this the argument for allowing people to buy, race and ultimately shoot horses in the head. I am the first one to admit that a horse’s quality of life is severely diminished if it has a bum leg and putting it down may be the best option but humans bring the bum legs upon the horses. Am I missing something here?  Again– you buy a horse, race the horse, the horse breaks its leg- then you shoot the horse. Maybe it’s not as simple as I’m making it out to be but someone please tell me where I have gone wrong because I seek to understand the justification humanity has for this sport.

Tradition- We’ve always done it ergo its right to do it. Japanese whalers have always murdered 23,000 dolphins and whales a year ergo its justified… its right. C’mon we’ve always been killing seals to make fur… it’s a human tradition. We’ve always used other people as slaves therefore… o wait. STOP clinging to your traditional practices and look at every instance, examine the facts, examine the suffering of other beings- than make your decision. No sport that leads to the shooting of defenseless animals makes sense in my mind. It may not be the purpose of why horse racing exists but the death of its participants is undoubtedly a repeated outcome of the sport.

Some advice: Explain, educate and advocate. No one is going to stop horse racing, seal clubbing, whaling or genocide, for that matter, just because you wrote an article… but it’s a start. You can always talk about the issues that disturb you the most with your friends and family members. You can blog about it, facebook about it and tweet about it. I guarantee others will read and say “You no what? It is wrong that there are still 27 million slaves in the world today.” Start a facebook group – facebook is where young people get most of their facts, I kid you not. Its important to let other people know what is going on because someone with more resources than yourself may be able to impact an issue in a more effective way.

Just because something has always been done is not justification enough to continue the practice. Don’t be afraid to speak out on an issue that disturbs you because it may have never been an issue that humanity cared about until you said something. Don’t let innocent people and animals suffer and die because of our traditions.

Video on Horse Killings

STW article on Seal Clubbing

STW article on Dolphin Slaughter

-Zain STW…Blog


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