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Cameron Diaz: Planet Earth’s Publicist October 28, 2009

Filed under: Climate Change — Zain @ 12:43 am

diaz_1005In this Youtube video Cameron Diaz interviews Americans who seem to have a few concerns about the environment.

In the video she drives around the country in her hybrid asking people questions about the land and water around them. The video is meant to inspire people to get up and do something, sort of what this blog is trying to do. We need more celebrities like Diaz to start advocating for the earth because whether you like it or not famous people have the biggest influence on us common folk and especially us young common folk.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that Diaz went out of her way to make a video advocating us to save the earth or that she reminds me of my middle school crush but she is intriguing and so is the video. The video is not filled with facts or polar bears swimming away from small masses of ice. It’s simple, it’s about people, normal people who want to make a difference but don’t really know how.

Diaz is a Time Magazine Hero of the Environment


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