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Hate crimes bill approved! October 23, 2009

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So if you visited the blog yesterday, the stat of the day located in the sidebar was the following “Only 24 states and D.C. include sexual orientation in their hate crime legislation”. It’s been more than a decade in the making, but finally expanded hate crimes legislation including protections for sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and disability will head to the President’s desk for signing. And it passed overwhelmingly in the U.S. Senate, by a vote of 68-29. I got a feeling Obamas going to sign this one without hesitation.

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The Radical Gay Agenda October 14, 2009

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gay-pride-float-menWhat is the radical gay agenda? What is it THESE people really want. John oliver investigates here uncovering the shocking demands of the Gay community.

Ridiculous requests such as recognize our love, and give us equal rights were shouted at this march.

Oliver also infiltrated and unraveled the plan of the Gays to build up a big gay army.

The radical gay agenda is equal rights.

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Help for non-gays. October 12, 2009

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Christian group helping people all over the world. Not the gays of course.

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Its not real… but it definitely could be.

Family Guy Big into Gays October 10, 2009

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Barack Obama will speak to the nation tonight about Gay rights. What will he say? What Should he say? Bill Maher debates on real time last May…

“You ever get the feeling, our children are going to look back at us and say what the hell is wrong with us… honestly if a gay guy wants to love another gay guy and then spend their life together,¬†civilization¬†is going to crumble…”